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Michelle Gibbings

Specialist Adviser – Workplace Culture & Leadership

Michelle is an internationally recognised workplace and culture expert. She is the author of three books and is welcomed on stages globally to help inspire leaders, teams, and organisations to create thriving workplaces. Finely attuned to changing environments and workplace culture, Michelle focuses on the shifting paradigms of workplaces, regulations and community expectations.

Following her 25+ years in senior corporate leadership roles, where she was the Head of Compliance, developed global risk strategies and risk culture programs and ran large scale change programs, Michelle became an accomplished entrepreneur and business owner. She now works with some of Australia’s most respected organisations, as well as government departments and agencies.

Her key to cultivating thriving environments is working with people through three lenses: an individual, a leader, and their broader role (and influence) within their organisation. Tapping into each of these facets, she brings self-awareness to the forefront, empowering people to work with those around them in a productive, effective, and sustainable way.

Michelle has Undergraduate Degrees in Communications and Commerce, a Masters in International Trade and Diplomacy, Certification by the International Federation of Compliance Associations, and Chartered Manager status. She also has specific accreditations in facilitation, executive coaching and diagnostic tools. She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Fellow of Finsia and the Australian Institute of Managers and Leaders, and an alumnus of Leadership Victoria’s Williamson Community Leadership Program. She is also certified by Dr Brené Brown to deliver the Dare to Lead program, an empirically based leadership and courage-building program.

She regularly appears and writes for major national publications and media outlets.