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Meet The Senet Leadership Team

Meet The Senet Leadership Team


Alex and Julian Hoskins coincidentally met in Jersey, Channel Islands back in 2001. Julian was working as a lawyer at Mourant, and Alexandra was working in Advisory for KPMG, Channel Islands.

Fast forward 20 years and they are now married and lead Australia’s leading gambling law and regulatory compliance advisory, Senet. Together they work with gambling regulatory and public policy expert Paul Newson, the former NSW Deputy Secretary responsible for liquor, gambling and racing regulation and past President and current Patron of the International Association of Gaming Regulators.

Senet is now three years old and has quickly cemented a strong position in the Australian legal and regulatory advisory market. Unlike traditional law and advisory firms, Senet comprises leading experts who have years of hands-on industry experience with the largest wagering operator in Australia and government regulator, which is unrivalled in Australia.

Julian leads Senet Legal, Paul leads Senet Advisory and Alex leads the Senet Compliance Academy. We caught up with each of them to discuss the current legal and regulatory environment in Australia and how Senet can help to understand it.


“The legal and regulatory framework in Australia is particularly complex, with vast volumes of State, Territory and Commonwealth legislation. Making sense of the laws – some of which date back to the early 1900s – is complex and requires a deep understanding. Having been immersed in the industry day-to-day for many years, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of these regulations. This means we can assist our clients greatly to navigate the intricacies of the gambling sector’s legal and regulatory landscape here in Australia and guide them on their journey to the highest levels of compliance.”


“The gambling sector, in particular Crown Resorts, has been subject to frenetic media attention and ongoing regulatory scrutiny over the past year. This has culminated in an inquiry by the NSW regulator and Royal Commissions in Victoria and Western Australia examining whether Crown Resorts is a suitable licensee for its Sydney, Melbourne and Perth casinos. This is a prime example of why understanding and implementing the vast compliance regulations is so important for gambling operators in Australia and what their responsibilities are. Operators must be actively cultivating a compliance orientation across every aspect of their business and its operations. With our advisory services, we can support operators to adopt leading responsible gambling practices and put measures in place to protect them against financial crime.”


“The community expectations to exceed minimum compliance standards has never been more heightened in Australia than it is right now. Building a strong internal culture of compliance, ethical business practices and compliance capability is essential. The most obvious consequence of non-compliance is the potential for huge financial penalties and fines that can be levied against companies and individuals found to have breached laws or otherwise engaged in misconduct, either intentionally or unintentionally. This has happed recently in the Australian gaming sector, and we must take steps to help operators to develop their knowledge in these areas and prevent non-compliance through education and guidance.

Our new product, the Senet Compliance Academy, delivers training courses to enable operators to comprehend their responsibilities and implement them within their organisation. The courses cover legislation across all six states and have been designed for organisations that are seeking and striving for the highest standard of gambling compliance, no matter where they are in Australia.

We are exceptionally excited to be delivering the Compliance Academy programs in Australia in collaboration with Amber Gaming. It will enable us to provide our clients with the full service offering to build capacity and support better compliance and regulatory outcomes.”

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