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Senet act pro bono on nationwide Million Dollar Vax campaign

Senet act pro bono on nationwide Million Dollar Vax campaign

Senet is pleased to announce its pro bono involvement in the nationwide “Million Dollar Vax” campaign. The Million Dollar Vax campaign is designed to encourage Australians to participate in the National COVID-19 Vaccination Program and improve public health and economic outcomes.

The campaign, created by the “Million Dollar Vax Alliance” and promoted by Summer Foundation, aims to increase vaccination rates with benefits for the whole community, including protecting those most impacted by the pandemic such as our healthcare and aged care workforce, small and large businesses and those in lower socio-economic circumstances. In the next few months, as Australia opens back up, those most at risk will be people living in locations, including regional areas, with low vaccination rates, older Australians and people with disabilities.

According to estimates by KPMG, every extra day of lockdowns costs more than $370 million per day in Victoria and NSW alone. More importantly, every additional day in lockdown creates further loss of jobs and livelihoods, including small business closures and, of course, has significant physical and mental health impacts. International experience suggests that achieving a vaccination rate of >90 per cent of the adult population will be the fastest path for us all to return to a more normal life, minimizing the potential for further business interruption, an end to lockdowns and remove any prospect of further State border closures.

Given the national significance of getting Australians vaccinated, the Senet team, led by Principal Daniel Lovecek and lawyer Rebecca Spiliopoulos worked incredibly hard alongside strict deadlines and advised on regulations spanning across all Australian jurisdictions to ensure that the promotion would go ahead. The process involved an extraordinary amount of coordination and organisation between Senet and state and territory regulators from around the country.

Senet is thrilled to have been part of the Million Dollar Vax Alliance and to advise on a matter which carries such significance to the safety of all Australians and the opening up of our borders, economies and communities.

The total prize value for the Promotion is $4,100,000. Entry is available to all Australians residents (18yrs or older) who have had at least one COVID-19 vaccination by the end of the Promotion Period, which will extend throughout October 2021.