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Licensed gaming venues

Licenced gaming venues

Licensed gaming venues in Australia including hotels and clubs are required to hold a gaming venue licence to operate. In addition, they are required to hold an entitlement or permit/licence to operate each gaming machine within the licensed premises. The only exception to this is in relation to a casino operator licence, permitting the licensee to operate gaming machines within the casino premises.

There are often strict local government planning requirements which must be met in relation to gaming machines. The number of gaming machines which such venues may be permitted to operate is limited based on the “entitlement” or permit/Licence to operate those gaming machines. Various States (including New South Wales and Victoria) have implemented harm minimisation measures to cap the number of gaming machine entitlements/permits/licences on issue in certain lower socio-economic areas.

We advise licensed gaming venue operators in relation to all venue-related issues including outsourced arrangements under which gaming machines are leased to those operators as a managed service.