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Australia’s leading specialist gambling law, regulatory and compliance advisory.

Senet is a multidisciplinary group with senior industry and regulatory experience and deep knowledge and expertise across the gambling sector. Senet brings top tier law firm, significant in-house experience and senior gambling regulation and public sector leadership experience.

Our services are underpinned by a comprehensive appreciation of the legal, public policy, regulatory and compliance environment and the strategic and operational challenges our clients confront.

Senet is deeply immersed within the industry, as opposed to being an external advisor and we are here to inform better regulatory, corporate and commercial outcomes that are paramount to our client’s needs and expectations.

Why instruct Senet?

  • We are the only gambling specialists in Australia whose Principals have also worked at executive level within the industry. This enables our team to provide advice informed by a deep commercial, legal, regulatory and political understanding, which sets us apart when it comes to advising our clients.
  • We have been consistently ranked by Chambers Global and Chambers Asia Pacific as leading gambling and gaming experts since we were established in 2017.
  • We are deeply immersed in the gambling industry and work across all sectors, both nationally and internationally. Advising leading gambling operators on Australian gambling law, informing better regulation and corporate and commercial outcomes is what we do every day.
  • We are trusted advisers to both starts ups and some of the world’s largest and most successful gambling and gaming operators, many of which are publicly listed both in Australia and internationally.
  • We are embedded in the industry, regularly speaking at industry conferences and gain invaluable insight from our strong professional network with international gambling regulators, law firms, private equity firms and other investors.

Did you know?

Senet is the oldest known game in the world, with origins dating back to 3000B.C. Senet means ‘passing’ and the aim for each player is to strategically move their pieces around the board, whilst at the same time avoiding hazards. Our firm logo, the semi-circle, is an element of the hieroglyphic spelling of the word ‘Senet’.

Regulating The Game 2022

Regulating the Game, 7 - 11 March 2022

Regulating the Game is a prestigious 5-day education program designed to build individual and organisational capability, deepen sector knowledge and advance thinking and discussion about contemporary best practice gambling regulation while cultivating an innovative and compliance oriented culture.

A key asset of the program is the opportunity to establish connections, hear from Australian and international experts, regulatory colleagues, and industry participants. To start conversations and build understanding, knowledge and relationships that will enhance your capacity to inform cogent public policy, contribute to efficient and effective regulation, position compliance and regulatory functions as enablers and help achieve a secure, safe, responsible, innovative and vibrant sector.

For more information about this prestigious gambling regulation program, visit the Regulating the Game website.