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Gambling law and regulation.
Regulatory policy and practice advisory.
Compliance training.

Australia’s leading specialist gambling law, regulatory and compliance advisory.

Senet is a multidisciplinary group with senior industry and regulatory experience and deep knowledge and expertise across the gambling sector. Senet brings top tier law firm, significant in-house experience and senior gambling regulation and public sector leadership experience.

Our services are underpinned by a comprehensive appreciation of the legal, public policy, regulatory and compliance environment and the strategic and operational challenges our clients confront.

Senet is deeply immersed within the industry, as opposed to being an external advisor and we are here to inform better regulatory, corporate and commercial outcomes that are paramount to our client’s needs and expectations.

Did you know? Senet is the oldest known game in the world, with origins dating back to 3000B.C. Senet means ‘passing’ and the aim for each player is to strategically move their pieces around the board, whilst at the same time avoiding hazards. Our firm logo, the semi-circle, is an element of the hieroglyphic spelling of the word ‘Senet’.

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