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Skill-based gaming machine regulations and licensing in Australia

Skill-Based Gaming

Any skill games and/or competitions, with no element of chance, are not typically regarded as gambling but may fall within certain ‘interactive gaming’ regimes when operated online and be regulated by State and Territory gambling regulators.

Skill-based gaming machines (which are a mixture of skill and chance) are starting to emerge in casinos both internationally and in Australia; however, regulatory approvals have been slow to date. This is in part due to the lack of research available to regulators to understand the impact skill-based games have in exacerbating gambling harm. Those that have been approved to date are regulated in a ‘sandbox’ approach.

A regulatory sandbox is a safe harbour, where business can test concepts under relaxed regulatory conditions in a controlled environment. In addition to sparking industry innovation, sandboxes can be a vehicle to advance smarter responsible gambling initiatives and outcomes. To learn more about Regulatory Sandboxes, click here.

Furthermore, if these games are not entirely skill-based (that is, there is an element of chance), then they will be subject to the relevant gaming laws at both state, territory and/or federal level.

Skill-based gaming machine legal and regulatory experts

Senet are legal and regulatory gaming experts with deep understanding of skill-based gaming machines and associated steps to seek regulatory approval in Australia. Our legal and regulatory specialists work with gaming machine manufacturers to provide pragmatic and coherent advice in relation to permissible and prohibited products and services and requirements to comply with the legal and regulatory obligations across each State and Territory in Australia.

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