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You need online gambling compliance training content delivered in a scalable and reportable way.

Our bank of market ready courses are developed specifically by subject matter experts for the gambling industry. Our courses are not generic or one size fits all. We provide very specific scenarios and test questions focused on the different sectors of the gambling industry including Licenced Gaming Venues, Casinos, Bookmakers and Lotteries. This means your staff received training and development relevant to the sector they are working in.

Our custom-built learning management system (LMS) puts you in control. Brand it your way, assign courses, track completion and gather detailed analytics to help refine your training over time.

Our learning design experts can craft custom-made, visually engaging and highly interactive courses for your business, to your exact specifications.

Browse our courses below and contact us to find out more.

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Online gambling compliance training

Australian regulatory environment

Australian Legal & Regulatory Environment

An introduction to the Australian gambling and gaming industry legal and regulatory framework.

Anti-money laundering (AML)

Anti-Money Laundering

Understand the importance of anti-money laundering practices, non-compliance risks and what money laundering looks like in each sector.

Responsible gambling

Responsible Gambling

Consumer protection and responsible gambling guidance and standards to protect customers and to minimise gambling harm.

Advertising and media

Advertising & Media

Learn about gambling industry advertising and marketing standards and the importance of adherence and the protection of minors.



Understand how bribery and corruption can occur in each sector and recognise and mitigate the risks within your organisation.

Compliance culture

Compliance Culture

Understand the meaning and key features of a compliance culture, how it relates to organisational ethics, purpose and values, and why it’s critical to sustainable success and growth in the gambling industry.

Data protection & privacy

Data Protection & Privacy

Understand the standards and requirements needed to protect and secure your organisation's data and privacy.

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Build board and executive knowledge

Build staff and leadership team knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework

Tailored content

Content tailored specific to the Australian jurisdictions that you operate in

Key information

Key information is highlighted, carefully sourced and referenced

Sector specific content

Sector specific content so staff can understand scenarios in their own environment

Interactive course elements

Interactive course elements to heighten user engagement

Build capability

Build capability relevant to each sector of the gambling industry

Click through the course

Click through the course to understand the different course elements

Powerful and intuitive analytics tools

Use powerful and intuitive analytics tools to track user test results and organisational success

Delve into the detail

Delve into the detail to pinpoint areas for further capability building