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Our key areas of Advisory practice include:

Senet Assure Accreditation

Senet Assure sets the benchmark internationally for rigorous compliance accreditation and certifies operators are vigilant in responsible gambling and hardened against financial crime. Achieving Senet Assure accreditation signals an organisation meets the highest standards of responsible gambling and AML/CTF compliance and is focused on player protection and preventing and minimising the risk of gambling harm and financial crime.

Senet Assure Premium is an additional optional service available to accredited organisations and provides expert advice and support across gambling, liquor and AML/CTF related regulatory matters.

Anti-money Laundering / Counter Terrorism Financing

Advising in relation to anti-money laundering / counter terrorism financing including preparing AML/CTF programs, compliance audits, investigations and process improvement. We also provide our clients with AML/CTF training relevant to their sector.

Responsible Gambling

Advising in relation to responsible gambling obligations and best practice, including audits, policy reviews, processes and procedures. We provide clients training in responsible gambling practices relevant to their sector and consistent with regulatory requirements in each respective jurisdiction.

Investigations, Compliance & Enforcement

Assisting with investigations into allegations of regulatory contraventions as well as fact finding inquiries and support in-house inquiries, responses and remediation.

Advising gambling operators anticipating or subject to escalated regulatory scrutiny, compliance intervention or enforcement action, to assist understand allegations, regulator concerns and objectives as well as available mechanisms to resolve issues and to adverse action.


Advising potential new entrants as well as existing local and international gambling operators to assist understand and effectively navigate regulatory frameworks, meet regulatory obligations and facilitate establishing and growing business, introducing new products, obtaining new or additional gambling-related licences, authorisations, variations and renewals.

Independent Reviews

Conducting independent reviews of regulatory arrangements such as compliance policies and programs, implementation and operator performance. We can measure policies and execution against legislative frameworks and regulatory obligations as well as assess the adequacy and rigour of policy positions, governance arrangements, strategic approaches and operational activities.

Our reviews bring an impartial mind to test assumptions and substance of polices and effectiveness of implementation to help ensure strategic and operational coherence, identify and address gaps and inconsistencies and help ensure that you satisfy your statutory obligations, achieve strategic outcomes and meet stakeholder expectations.

Public Policy Advocacy

We help make sense of policy making and advise how best to navigate the sometimes muddy and turbulent waters intersecting public policy and politics to surface issues, secure traction and advance outcomes.

Understanding the policy maze and how best to articulate and frame issues and policy positions and cogently advocate for preferred approaches is essential. But so is appreciating the policy environment, the challenges and constraints confronting stakeholders, competing arguments and capacity to operate within or shift the narrative and opinion corridor.

We help you develop and rigour test regulatory strategies and policies and evaluate compliance frameworks and programs to ensure you are meeting or exceeding your statutory obligations.

Recruiting Regulatory Leaders & Mentoring

We help you make informed decisions when engaging senior executives for key public policy and regulatory roles. We bring deep experience in public policy and regulatory governance and practice to help inform important hiring decisions.

We also offer executive mentoring for senior regulatory executives to support leaders that are committed to professional development and growth and interested in partnering with someone with deep experience in regulatory leadership, public policy and regulatory governance and practice.

Our mentoring focuses on providing intellectual stimulus and challenge and fostering insights and reflection about leadership and working through complexity, ambiguity and challenge, as well as navigating difficult career issues and decisions.


Strategic advice to help understand regulatory frameworks, engaging and dealing with regulators and approaches to industry supervision including leveraging principles and risk-based compliance to support strategic and operational outcomes and advance industry leadership. We also advise on considerations around positioning business and associated products to support commercial outcomes while meeting regulatory obligations.

We can work with you to explore business capacity to introduce leading practices to enhance outcomes, underpin industry integrity and sustainability, embed a compliance orientated culture and meet evolving community expectations.

Strategic Projects & Planning

We can help you map your current strategic positioning and identify opportunities and challenges in your environment to inform thinking and decisions about your desired strategic direction and positioning.

We can help develop and articulate your strategic narrative to ensure you communicate a compelling story and connect and influence key stakeholders to realise economic and social value and achieve outcomes.

We can provide additional resourcing to assist clients with strategic initiatives and projects. This includes assisting with the management of project deliverables, reviewing and developing process and procedural documentation, reviewing or developing policies and manuals as well as other initiatives that require additional support.