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Gambling industry training designed to help build compliance capability and orientation and minimise the risk associated with non-compliance.

Our programs include:

Board Directors’ program

1.5 hours duration

Building gambling compliance capability in leadership is imperative to cultivating a strong organisational risk management and compliance culture. We provide gambling industry training to board directors to ensure they understand the legal and regulatory frameworks and environment that govern the entity. Board directors must understand their legal duties and responsibilities under the key legislation governing the entity and the ASX listing rules, including continuous obligation and periodic reporting requirements.

All directors should undertake training, tailored to their existing skills, knowledge and experience, to position them to discharge their responsibilities effectively and to add value. We provide a tailored training program for newly appointed board directors and for existing directors seeking to refine their skills and knowledge capability.

Our Board Director training program is tailored specifically to the gambling industry and sectors and the needs of the board. Key areas of focus include:

  • The Legal and Regulatory Framework in Australia
  • Anti-Money Laundering / Counter Terrorism Financing
  • Consumer Protection and Responsible Gambling
  • Advertising and Media
  • Licencing Conditions

The board should regularly review its skills matrix to address gaps and ensure board directors have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to address existing and emerging business and governance issues relevant to the entity.

Staff training

1-2 hours duration

Building capability within the organisation and ensuring staff keep abreast of legal and regulatory developments and priorities is critical. The present regulatory environment in Australia, which has included fines from ASIC and Royal Commissions, demonstrates that non-compliance is expensive and extremely damaging to reputation and brand.

We work with the industry to build staff and leadership compliance capability to help ensure your organisation to minimise the risks associated with non-compliance.

Our training is tailored to the needs of each organisation and the areas of compliance requiring attention. We offer various training programs with the aim of ensuring that staff understand the obligations and responsibilities specific to the industry, their sector, their organisation and relevant licenses.

Our training is very tailored to our clients’ needs and underpinned by our extensive legal, regulatory and industry knowledge. Our facilitated training focuses on key areas including:

  • Sector specific legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Anti-Money Laundering / Counter Terrorism Financing
  • Consumer Protection and Responsible Gambling
  • Gambling Advertising and Media
  • Licencing Conditions
  • Case studies

Maintaining a sharp focus on risk and compliance is essential to anchoring and embedding effective risk management and compliance programs in any organisation.

Refresher training

1-1.5 hours

Refresher training enables leadership and employees to keep up to date with the latest legal and regulatory changes and how such changes affect the obligations of employees and the organisation. Refresher training also helps to reinforce fundamental legal and regulatory concepts specific to the sector of the industry in which the organisation operates.

Our refresher training courses are tailored to the organisations training needs and are structured so they are effective, engaging and give employees an opportunity to answer any outstanding questions they may have to help with their own understanding.

Refresher training topics include for example Anti-Money Laundering, Responsible Gambling, Compliance Culture and are tailored to specific sectors whether it be casino, licensed gaming venue, wagering, lottery, government and regulators.

Case study workshops

1-1.5 hours

Case study workshops are ideal for small teams that want to drill down in a particular subject matter and unpack how scenarios could apply to their organisation and the best way to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Case study workshops are beneficial for experienced teams that want to deep dive further on specific issues that are complex and/or ambiguous, as well as teams that are in the regulatory spotlight that need to keep abreast of compliance and advance their capability.

Case study workshops also allow teams that have experienced staff turnover to focus on building detailed understanding of specific concepts. We draw on ‘real life’ cases and how they could be applied in different settings and look at how an organisation could mitigate risk or respond to situations differently.

Workshop topics include for example Anti-Money Laundering, Responsible Gambling, Advertising and Media and are tailored to specific sectors whether it be casino, licensed gaming venue, wagering, lottery, government and regulators.

Regulating The Game

5 days duration

Regulating the Game is a prestigious 5-day education program designed to build individual and organisational capability, deepen sector knowledge and advance thinking and discussion about contemporary best practice gambling regulation while cultivating an innovative and compliance oriented culture.

Regulating the Game, 7 - 11 March 2022