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Senet Assure signals an organisation meets the highest standards of responsible gambling and AML/CTF compliance and is focused on player protection and preventing and minimising the risk of gambling harm and financial crime.

Senet Assure sets the benchmark internationally for rigorous compliance accreditation and certifies operators are vigilant in responsible gambling and hardened against financial crime.

Senet Assure accreditation distinguishes industry leaders and demonstrates commitment to meeting and exceeding regulatory obligations, cultivating compliance orientation, and helps shield your organisation against financial crime and gambling related harm.

Senet Assure has been developed by Senet - Australia’s leading specialist gambling law, regulatory and compliance advisory and is underpinned by our extensive gambling regulatory and legal experience and deep knowledge and expertise across the gambling sector and anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulation.

Benefits of Senet Assure

Achieving Senet Assure accreditation allows an organisation to display the Senet Assure certification badge at its venues, on its website and social media, as well as on its communications and marketing material.

Senet Assure is underpinned by leading expertise and a comprehensive appreciation of the regulatory, public policy, legal and compliance environment, and the strategic and operational challenges the gambling sector confronts.

Senet Assure accreditation demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to best practice and underscores the following achievement and benefits:

  • International benchmark for responsible gambling and AML/CTF compliance accreditation
  • Meet and exceed regulatory obligations and safeguard corporate reputation
  • Helps shield your organisation against irresponsible gambling and financial crime risks
  • Distinguishes industry leadership and best practice
  • Alignment with compliance-oriented, socially responsible culture
  • Contribute to sustainable industry and preserve social licence
  • Demonstrate your commitment to safer gambling culture and outcomes

What to Expect

The Senet Assure assessment process initially involves gathering information and documents to help build an understanding of the organisation’s strategy, governance arrangements, policies and procedures, compliance culture and performance.

We then analyse all the documents collected, survey employees and conduct targeted assurance activities to test the effectiveness of implementation of gambling and AML/CTF related policies and procedures.

We also conduct site visits and speak with senior managers and employees to obtain information and insights, assess awareness of responsible gambling and AML/ CTF obligations and associated organisational policy and procedures, and observe team practices around key responsible gambling and AML/CTF functions.

Senet prepares a comprehensive assessment report including our findings and recommendations and a determination regarding Senet Assure eligibility.

Should an assessment identify any shortcomings in existing polices or practices, Senet will also prepare a thorough remedial plan to assist the organisation meet Senet Assure eligibility requirements.

Accreditation Process

Senet Assure accreditation involves a thorough assessment of an organisation’s gambling and AML/CTF related policies, performance, and compliance orientation. As part of the accreditation process Senet will review and assess the organisation’s:

  • Regulatory strategy, risk appetite and governance arrangements
  • Responsible gambling obligations and related policies, and procedures
  • AML/CTF obligations and related policies, and procedures
  • AML/CTF obligations and related policies, and procedures
  • Staff training and development
  • Compliance culture
  • Marketing and promotions

Senet Assure Premium

Senet Assure Premium is an additional optional service available to accredited organisations and provides advice and support across gambling, liquor and AML/CTF related regulatory obligations including:

  • Regulatory advice and support
  • Routine legal inquiries
  • Routine investigative advice
  • Whistle-blower portal, investigative triage and support
  • AML/CTF Program independent review
  • Exclusion policy and practices independent review
  • Player rewards/VIP program independent review
  • Senior management and board legal and regulatory training
  • Access to Senet’s Compliance Academy suite of online compliance courses
  • Gambling, liquor and AML/CTF assurance support
  • Support reviewing relevant policies and procedures

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