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Gambling compliance training pricing to suit your capability building needs.

Online and facilitated gambling compliance training

Options to access online training include: Pay per user per course for basic access to market-ready courses, subscribe on an annual basis to access all online courses throughout the year, or create a bespoke package by customising content and/or bundling different courses.

You can also bundle courses to focus on specific areas for example Anti-Money Laundering / Counter Terrorism Financing and Responsible Gambling courses. Contact us today to discuss your gambling compliance training requirements and we will provide a fee estimate according to courses and number of users.

From $49/user/course. Bulk discounts available for large orders.

With our cost-effective subscription model, your users get unlimited access to all of our industry-standard courses. There are no surprises or hidden extras. The portal will be fully white labelled to match your corporate brand and as an administrator you will be able to manage users, assign courses, push out updates and much more. The LMS subscription also gives you access to our deep analytics module, allowing you to provide reports on learning outcomes to your board and the regulators, or to use in tailoring future digital or face to face training. In addition, as regulations change we provide informative 'micro-learning' modules at no extra cost, to keep your staff up to date.

Pricing available on request.

Subscription inclusions by # users Up to 100 101-250 251-500 501-750 751+
Hosting platform
Fully customised
Customer support
Cost per user Prices available upon request

For larger organisations, or those with more specific requirements, we build completely bespoke digital learning experiences. This is usually in addition to our market-ready courses and gives you the option of providing specialised training modules, designed by digital learning specialists and delivered via our powerful LMS platform or your own pre-existing internal systems.

Pricing available on request.

Our facilitated programs are tailored specifically to the needs of the organisation and we ensure that scenarios and case studies are sector specific so that content is directly relevant to the legal and regulatory environment that you operate in.

Our programs are priced based on hourly rates for tailored content, delivery and training materials for all participants.

Contact us for more pricing information.