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Online and retail lottery laws and regulations in Australia


An operator license is required to conduct lottery related gambling activities in Australia. If you are a lottery operator, it is imperative that you comply with all relevant laws and regulations in Australia. Our team includes the leading lottery lawyers in Australia and help clients navigate their legal and regulatory obligations.

Apart from monopolistic land-based licences (which also permit online sales), the only licence type available is an internet gaming licence issued in the Northern Territory. There is no prescribed application form or application process. A person wishing to apply to Licensing NT for the issuance of an internet gaming licence must approach Licensing NT and put forward a submission for consideration. A licence can be granted if approved by the relevant Minister, with input and approval from Northern Territory treasury. As part of this process the Northern Territory will most likely seek to negotiate a tax sharing agreement with other States and Territories into which the licensee proposes to promote and sell its product.

Monopolistic licences have extensive licence conditions and restrictions, details in respect of which are publicly available. In relation to an internet gaming licence issued in the Northern Territory, the licence conditions are entirely negotiable based on a range of factors, including licence term, price, tax rates and other matters.

Licensing NT and the Northern Territory Racing Commission welcome overseas applicants, particularly where they are experienced in the category, have a demonstrated track record and come from a well-regulated jurisdiction.

Trade Promotion Lottery laws and regulations

A Trade Promotion Lottery involves activities or events where prizes are given away through any means that include an element of chance at any stage.

Trade Promotion Lotteries are regulated on a State and Territory basis in Australia and requirements in each jurisdiction vary. An operator may require a permit depending on whether there is an element of chance and depends on where your business operates from and the dollar value of the total prize pool.

Due to Trade Promotions being regulated on a State and Territory basis, we recommend obtaining preliminary legal advice to ensure you have the correct structure and advice from the outset.

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Senet is the leading lottery law firm in Australia with deep understanding of online, retail and trade promotion lottery laws and regulations in each State and Territory. Our team are ranked in Chambers & Partners Global and Asia Pacific as leading experts in gambling law and regulation and our experts have lead some of the most significant lottery transactions in Australia. Julian Hoskins is a highly regarded lottery lawyer in Australia and has led some major lottery mergers and acquisition transactions.

We have a thorough understanding of the legal, regulatory, compliance and operational challenges that our clients face in the lotteries sector and we work closely with lottery operators advising on lottery licence applications in Australia, new or varied lottery product offerings and compliance with regulatory requirements and obligations.

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Other sectors we advise include racing, bookmakers, casinos, government and regulators encompassing legal, advisory and gambling compliance training services. Through the Senet Compliance Academy we provide a full spectrum of gaming compliance training courses to ensure that all staff and lottery operators are complying with its legal and regulatory obligations. To meet your legal and regulatory obligations, partner with the Australian experts in gambling and gaming at Senet. Contact us to find out more.