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Gambling public policy, regulations, advisory and compliance in Australia


Whilst gambling legislation applies at both a federal and state and territory level, regulation is generally on a state and territory basis. Senet has deep expertise and understanding of the complex laws and regulations with Principal Paul Newson as the former Deputy Secretary of Liquor, Gaming & Racing with the NSW Department.

We assist clients navigate government, analyse policy and best frame and articulate strategy and policy approaches to maximise engagement and impact. We build understanding around and help achieve outcomes within relevant regulatory frameworks, government context, issues and appetite.

We also assist government assess merits and disbenefits of public policy and approaches to industry supervision as well as review and analyse industry practices, strategy, proposal and emerging issues.

Working with the leading gambling public policy and regulatory advisors in Australia

Senet are the only gambling legal and regulatory advisory team in Australia that boast two Principals that have worked in the industry with Australia’s largest wagering operator and the NSW Office of Liquor & Gaming as a Regulator. Paul Newson is also the immediate past president and patron of the International Association of Gambling Regulators and former Trustee of the NSW Responsible Gambling Fund.

Our team builds strong relationships with our clients and demonstrate a clear and cogent understanding of their commercial objectives. Our team understands the unique needs of the public sector, and we offer targeted gambling industry legal and regulatory advice that can help governments achieve policy reform. For informed public policy and government regulatory advisory in Australia, contact Paul Newson at Senet.

Our complete range of legal, regulatory and public policy advisory services

In addition to advising government and regulators, our team are experts in gambling law and regulation for sectors including racing, bookmakers, casinos, lotteries, social gaming encompassing legal, advisory and gambling compliance training services. Through the Senet Compliance Academy we provide a full spectrum of gaming compliance training courses to ensure that staff working in the gambling industry are complying with their legal and regulatory obligations. To meet your legal and regulatory obligations, contact us to discuss your needs.